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Northwest Designer Craftsmen

img-nwdc-small Northwest Designer Craftsmen (NWDC) was founded in 1954 to promote excellence of design and craftsmanship and to stimulate public appreciation and interest in fine craft. Its membership embraces artists in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Alaska, who work professionally in clay, wood, glass, metal, fiber, and/or mixed media. I was juried into NWDC as an artist in mixed media and paintings/drawings. The NWDC has a rich legacy as one of the founding groups of what became America’s Studio Movement. The Studio Movement is what the Arts & Crafts Movement evolved into after mass manufacturing won out over hand-crafted production and artisans went back to operating small independent studios. I am proud to be a member of this historic group that is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of contemporary art, while upholding the heritage of the hand-crafted in an over mechanized world. I am honored to be in the company of an amazing group of artists and craftspeople.


In 1954 a small group of Seattle artisans joined together to form NWDC. Their mission was to establish an organization that would foster high standards of design and craftsmanship in the Northwest. They also wanted to promote public interest in crafts and craftsmen and to foster sound business methods among designers. 

From the beginning, NWDC accepted only new members who had the highest professional craftsmanship and standards. Whether working in metal, wood, clay or textiles, NWDC members held a common respect for materials and process. Today, membership has grown to over 150 individuals working in a variety of craft mediums from weaving, quilting and basketry to an array of jewelry and metal arts, as well as mixed media artists who create using a variety of techniques and materials, blurring the lines between fine art and craft. Whether functional or not, there is quality work that exemplifies the continuity of craft tradition wedded to contemporary expression. 

In the Spring of 2004, NWDC celebrated the 50th anniversary of its founding. To learn more, visit