artful living

Handpainted Interiors

I can think of nothing more important than helping people create a home that speaks intimately of those who dwell there, is infused with details that give it a sense of place anchored to its history, and makes it an important part of the family’s own personal history. Adding the personal stories of each successive generation is the material that builds upon the layers of our nation’s legacy.

I love the intricacy of hand painting friezes. The process passionately pairs the creative freedom of painting with the technical accuracy of geometry found in architecture. Many people ask me, ‘why don’t you just stencil’. Hand painting innately offers the quality of true nature because the fallible hand, like nature, cannot create two things exactly alike. It is like the leaves on a tree, each is similar and recognizable as a leaf, yet no two are the same in nature. Painting this way expresses my love of creating something that was meant to be made for the truly hand crafted environment began during the Arts & Crafts Movement. It is hand-crafted intimacy.