artful living

Barbara Pierce

Color Designer, Consultant, Project Manager

As our lead color designer, Barbara creates the most inspiring color palettes for the interiors of our clients’ homes by bringing together her knowledge and passion for color learned in art school, her years spent in the fashion industry, and years of study of the fusion of architecture and pigment. Barbara combines the aesthetic soul of an artist with an incredible aptitude for managing even the most complex projects from start to finish. Whether it’s a modest color consultation for a single room, or a full blown restoration project, as the primary business manager, Barbara keeps our studio machine oiled and makes sure all projects stay on schedule. Barbara is passionate about the people we work with. She is interested in their personal stories and getting at the heart of what’s important to them so that we can best meet their needs. It’s her casual ease in conversation that allows people to readily open up to her; the trust only builds as she makes sure that projects meet the highest expectations and are finished on time. Barbara helps people get at what is most important to them and for their homes in order for us to create the special environments they are looking for. Barbara really cares about people and wants to make sure that the work we do for them meets their every expectation. She will jump hurdles and bend over backwards to make sure that everything we do is done to the highest standard and delivers satisfaction.