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Copyright Statement

All designs, images, concepts, and photos on this website are copyright CJ Hurley Century Arts. CJ Hurley Century Arts owns and maintains the copyright to all work shown on the site or used in any other branding or marketing materials pertaining to CJ Hurley or CJ Hurley Century Arts.

Designs may not be taken out of context and no work, design, sketch, concept, or photo may be used or reproduced without the express written and legally authorized permission of CJ Hurley or CJ Hurley Century Arts.

We are often asked about the extent of ownership and copyright protection of our paintings and other designs or works of art. To be clear, a client owns only the item that they purchase. For example, if you purchase a CJ Hurley watercolor painting, you own the painting but do not have any right to or ownership of the design. It is illegal to copy any CJ Hurley design. It is also illegal to adapt a design for execution in stained glass, prints, personal letterhead etc.

It is not uncommon for our clients to wish to use our designs for personal family letterhead and other purposes. If you are interested in one of our designs, please contact us for licensing information.

Unauthorized use of any CJ Hurley Century Arts design is punishable by Penalty of Law.