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Falling Leaves

Picture a home, its architectural features imbued with symbolic meaning, with each of the primary rooms representing one of the four seasons. Like so much of my art, Falling Leaves is inspired by nature, the season of Fall in this instance, and the room is an allegorical representation of Autumn: a time of winding down, of contemplation; a time of transition from the warm, invigorating summer to the slower, dormant winter. The roomset celebrates this most magical time of year in its vivid splendor.

I am intrigued by the idea of a place where architecture, the fine arts, and the applied arts all work together as an integrated whole. I created the Falling Leaves roomset as an example of gesamtkunstwerk. Gesamtkunstwerk was a philosophy of the Arts & Crafts Movement meaning the “total work of art.” But the picture is not complete without the presence of people to occupy the room; therefore, Falling Leaves is a traveling showroom that allows people to step into this very intimate piece of architecture. The design of the room reinforces my belief that architecture and the home should be an expressive interaction of the building and the people who occupy it.

Learn more about Gesamtkunstwerk in our article titled “Poetic Spaces” published in Style 1900 Magazine. You can find a link to the PDF in our Articles By CJ under About Us/Press and News.