artful living

Houses, Landscapes, Flowers and Dreams

Experiencing nature, landscape, and the built and natural environments that surround us has the power to transform our being. But truly the most powerful part of the experience is our personal interpretation of it.

The artist’s responsibility is to interpret the world, not merely to document it; to imprint the stamp of their own experience upon everything they create, and therefore make every subject they tackle new and fresh through their conception. Real magic comes when a viewer encounters the art and makes their own deduction of the artist’s conception.

Creating a personal interpretation of our world was a key factor in the making of my series, Houses, Landscapes, Flowers, & Dreams. Dedicated to paintings paired with poetry — the poems and art unite in an interactive & symbiotic relationship; the poems enhance the art and the art gives visual substance to words. Nature inspired this collection of words and images through which I urge people to view our environment differently. My goal was to create a body of work that evokes some sort of neo-romantic sentiment regarding nature and humanity’s place in it.

I explored many of the subjects as both drawings and paintings in an attempt to demonstrate how vastly different the mood of a piece of art can be by simply changing the medium it is created in.